SUPPLY CHAIN – Stein Freight

Supply Chain

Stein freight is an expert of end to end logistics who provides logistics services mostly to distributor companies who need additional storage and distribution services up on freight services.

We have experienced partners In Turkey for Warehousing, Customs And Accounting experts who provides best fluid operations collected under stein freight’s supply chain management.

We are providing best supply chain solutions with competitive rates for a long terms business partnership between us and our customers.

We are also providing storage and distribution services all around to World for Turkish producer companies mostly in Textile and other sectors.

Our Supply Chain Solutions;

  • Distribution from bonded warehouse (we keep goods in the name of foreign company and handle operations for them without any company in Operation Country )
  • Distribution from non-bonded ( we can help you to found a new company in Turkey to provide imported distribution service )
  • Cross trade handling and distribution service to Turkish Customers between another countries.